Welcome to Allure Home Rewards.

Our rewards program is for all of our loyal customers.

How does it work?

Once you have chosen your items and proceeded to checkout, you will have the option to create an account.
Once an account is created, you will have automatically enrolled in our customer rewards points.
(Please note if you don’t create an account you will not earn points)

Points are based on every £1 spent, £1 = 100 points, once you have earn’t 10,000 points, you will automatically receive a discount code for £10 off.
You can use as many loyalty membership discount codes as you like in a single transaction.
You won’t however be able to use any non membership discount codes in the same transaction.

Our customer rewards are a great way to buy presents for friends and save the treats for yourself,
or buy friends birthday presents and treat them again for Christmas.
Points rewards example, buy 1 Luxury Gift Set and earn 3,300 points

All Customer Rewards codes are valid for 90 days from receipt of your rewards email.

Logged in customers can see their points below Please log in to view your membership points POINTS

Remember earn 10,000 points and you will receive your discount code for £10.00

Privacy policy

The Allure customer rewards will occasionally send you email updates and offers which you can unsubscribe from without losing your membership
Your data will not be passed or sold to any third party.